Snacking on S-A-TUR-D-AY Night

Bragg Jam Part 2 will not be shown today. In it’s place, I’m proud to present to you the events of Saturday night…

Downtown was busy this past Saturday night. Drivin’ ‘n Cryin’ was at the Cox, the American Cancer Society Benefit was in the smoked filled Hummingbird (the only place I’ve ever had to leave because there was too much smoke and not enough ventilation) and Floco Torres and Al K!ng were at Envy with friends (which just so happens to be smoke free).I started out at the ‘Bird because City Council was on first. The $10 cover is nothing compared to the research that can be done for cancer. Having lost my dad to throat cancer this year, I would gladly have paid $20 if I’d had it. But poverty being what it is, I was glad it was $10.

I was kind of apprehensive about how City Council would sound without the band, but they laid my fears to rest. By the second song, I was glad I’d gotten there early. Jubee and Perry Valentyne have different rapping styles which really complement each other. I didn’t know the name of any of the songs they did (well, other than Cooler Side of Town), but they did a song about Macon that was good except it contained one flat out lie – it gets HOT AS HELL in Macon. Don’t try to fool nobody! They did a lot of songs they haven’t done with the Paper Street Band and I’m glad that I got to hear them alone. Yeah, I know who needs to make a CD… Red Swill, Roly-Bots and Hank Vegas all played at the ‘Bird, but I didn’t get to see them – we’ll get to why later.

So, I hop over to Envy to check out what’s going on there. Floco was doing his anniversary edition concert with Robot Folk Junkies, Blc Txt, and Al K!ng. He’d been telling me about Blc Txt, so I wanted to make sure I caught him. When I got there, Robot Folk Junkies was just going on. Al K!ng was at the door taking money and drawing smiley faces on our hands (mine had a halo). The bartender didn’t know what that meant.

I think in the bigger venue of Envy, I enjoyed Robot Folk Junkies. Sometimes, at the bookstore, everything he does gets a little too busy for that small space. Well, at least when someone else said that, I agreed because generally, I’d found him too noisy. But Saturday, he was flat out entertaining. I know it was a weird introduction to the rest of the show to some people, but for me, it was perfect because you really don’t ever know what to expect from Floco or Al K!ng.

After RFJ got off the stage, I checked the time and thought, okay, if this is Blc Txt, I can see the first half of his show and then run to the ‘Bird to catch the last half of Roly-Bots, but the next artist was Life the Great. He was a surprise guest who came up with Blc Txt and he was good. His last song was about wanting a woman like Michelle Obama. Basically, all you other rappers can have that girl on the pole – nothing wrong with that, but he wants a wife. It warmed my heart and it was enough to make me stay.

Blc-Txt was next and he came onto the stage to music from Star Wars. I liked the guy immediately and suddenly, I knew that I would not be catching the rest of the show at the ‘Bird.

In a way, it was okay because I did get to see Roly-Bots at EJ’s loft. For those of you who haven’t been to the second floor of 481 Broadway, you are missing out. It was hot up there, no central heating, but it got hotter (for the better) when Roly-Bots started to play. The crowd was a little sedate to start, but we got more into it as the songs got started. Some of the people there hadn’t heard them since their first time playing, the first Bring Your Blankets benefit. Because my husband and I are big fans, we’ve traveled a bit to see them (if you can call driving to Milledgeville at night traveling). Only one or two songs were new, but all of the songs are good. I was talking to a friend about what I did this weekend and was planning to do and he lamented the lack of music scene in his town, which is only a little smaller than Macon. We are very fortunate to have Roly-Bots (and all of these guys) as part of our music scene and I’m sorry I didn’t get to see them again Saturday night.

But OH.MY.GOD. what a great show at Envy. Everything was good, but Blc Txt really kicked it off. He was so entertaining, from his between song banter to some of his lyrics (which I couldn’t quote now, but will learn because he gave away free cds). You all make me love you because you’re lots of fun, because I like what you have to say and how you say it and because you’re stand up guys in general. I have to say, however, that I would definitely pay more than $5 dollars to see all of these acts again and possibly individually. I will buy their CDs, not because I know them, but because they are good and because, if you listen to live music, it will pay off when you can get involved in the songs.

And involved we got. Floco started his set with a song off of his Anti Valentine’s Day Color is Green mixtape, Houstalantavegas, then moved into a few songs from his new CD, Psychadelphia, with Tommy Superior on guitar and Travis on drums. The band part of his show is still pretty new. They still have a lot of kinks to work out. Say what you will about the sound the first time they were together, but that first show was their best. I think it was something about the fact that Tommy Superior didn’t sound polished and it looked like he didn’t care. Notwithstanding it was a good show. After Floco finished with his set, Al K!ng came on stage. After doing a few fan favourites, Freakshow and Beer in a Wine Glass as well as Phantom of the Arcade, he and Floco came together to do tracks from their Social Collision CD. I haven’t heard Chicks with Kicks live since they played the Monkeywrench (remember that???), but it was good here. Of course, the night ended with Floco and K!ng bringing Tommy Superior and Travis back on stage to do the rock version of Hot Like The Sun (with the remix from Al K!ng). Yes, we, the audience got so into it that we basically ended up on stage. Envy’s good for that since the stage is about a quarter of an inch higher than the floor (I kid, Jason, I’m sure it’s a good 2 inches above the ground). I’m also glad I wasn’t the only one dancing in front of the stage. In fact, the crowd got so wild that I wasn’t sure if I would survive. It was, to borrow a phrase from the 80s, rad.

After that, I showed up at the ‘Bird for the last half of Hank Vegas and managed to catch the end of the song with a Blues guitarist who was sitting in on the song. I don’t know who, what, or why, but it sure sounded sweet. Judging by the number of people still left there after 2am, the American Cancer Society might have gotten a good haul.

I love it when a weekend comes together!


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