The Hard Thing About Bragg Jam Is…

… how to put your schedule together.

Since I’m Facebook stalking all of the Bragg Jam posters that I’m friends with, it’s got Bragg Jam in my head all day. I can barely sit through work thinking about tomorrow. Maybe it’s just me. It’s weird, but when Macon has something to do, I love seeing everyone get excited about it.  Not that we don’t always have something going on, but big events like Bragg Jam are few and far between. So now that it’s almost here, the wait is almost over, who are you going to see?

First Things First

There is a trolley that will take you back and forth from the Shamrock and Rivalry’s back to downtown, so that drinking and driving can be a thing of the past. Also, Zingo, a kind of taxi serviced, except instead of a taxi, they use your car, is offering $5 off for anyone wearing a Bragg Jam wrist band. If you live downtown, just walk yo’ ass home!

Next Things Next

So, how are you dividing up the acts? I’ve heard that some people are going to see the acts they don’t see constantly. They will be checking out the Cox Capital Theatre stage, heading out to the Shamrock and Rivalrys and checking out the Rookery to get an earful of new folks giving the music enthusiasts in Macon a show. Some I know will be checking out local acts. If they like them, they will create more fans who will be at more shows in the future. I’m pretty sure I know where my husband will be from 8:45-9:45.

All About Me & Mine

I will be checking out local acts with a few others thrown in. I want to check out T-Bird and the Breaks, so maybe I’ll see the last part of their show after I leave Oh Dorian. I have to thank Roly-Bots for such a great show last night. I’m catching Oh Dorian at the 567 instead of them, but now I can do it without guilt because I drove to Milledgeville for those suckas and will prolly be driving to Auburn to see them later this year (and to see Little Sister, of course!). I was only going to see Citizen Insane at 5, but when I found out there was Dylan to be had at the ‘Bird, I decided to do a 50/50 split with the hour. I heard Mayor Reichert is gonna sing as well. If it’s anything like the 11th Hour’s Readers Choice Awards, it is definitely a spot you want to hit. I’ll be checking out Al K!ng and Floco Torres (and hopefully getting both of their new releases along with their summer collaboration plus new shirts done by Magnolia Street T-Shirt Company (that last part is a secret, but the shirts are hot). Speaking of shirts, Trendlenberg has a cool new shirt, also courtesy MSTSC, and I will be splitting my time between his set at the 567 and City Council with the Paper Street Band at the Yuengling Stage. I’ll also be running between MagTard at the Rookery and Nomenclature at the Yuengling stage and if Rhett and Moira don’t play at the Rookery with Friends of Brax between 5:45 and 6:15, I will finally be able to get an earful of Abby Owens.

Phew! The Honey is checking out mainly all visitors and once he knows about the Trolley service to the Shamrock, may head out for some bluegrass, but from 8:45-9:45, he will be firmly entrenched at the Yuengling stage for day 3 of wearing his Roly-Bots shirt. I love that man.

Videos To Share?

Anyway, I hope I can get some video from Saturday night to post here for those of you who picked this weekend to go out of town, who are too tired to make it, too broke in this economy (I feel you on that one!), too entrenched in your stereotypes of downtown Macon, too “scared” of the hip hop acts and possible black people (yes, I read the comments on and can’t see the joke in them if it’s there), too afraid to do something that seems too white, too stupid for your own good.

If you have video that you upload for the event, leave a link in the comments and I’ll write a post that will link others to your video. For those of us who could make it to Bragg Jam, it will be a wellspring of memories. A fount of memories. A record of the events of that night, just in case you need it. See you there!


2 responses to “The Hard Thing About Bragg Jam Is…”

  1. Kara Kwako says :

    I like all the fun words we’re working with! Like: Zingo, Bragg, Rookery, Roly, Magtard, T-Bird, Nomenclature and, my favorite, wellspring. Well done, Angel! Thanks for the info.

  2. angelcollins says :

    Thanks, Kara! I appreciate all the words this city has given us to work with and enjoy.

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