Bragg Jam: ‘Cause We Just Can’t Get Enough

The Honey and I got an early start on Bragg Jam when he drove us down to Milledgeville to listen to Roly-Bots at Buffingtons. Everyone loved my Magnificent Bastard t-shirt (got stopped several times on the way in and out with someone pointing at my chest and giving a thumbs up). We ordered a pitcher of the best beer they had on tap, AmberBock, and watched Trendlenberg use his Nintendo DS to kick out the jams. Then, in their worst show to date, Roly-Bots ROCKED IT OUT! I have the sore muscles to prove it. Yeah, Bragg Jam is gonna be magnificent. Speaking of magnificent…

I just found out who the “and friends” are for the Rabbi’s set at the ‘Bird at 5. MagTard! I know that other places likes to christen them “The MagTard” which may be technically true, but our MagTard (formerly Magnificent Bastard) comes solidly without the “the” and ready to rock. So if you like Bob Dylan, rabbis, and the MagTard, you need to be at the ‘Bird at 5 with wrist bands on!

A last minute addition to the Bragg Jam lineup is Sonia Leigh at Rivalry’s at 7:15.

I don’t know if you know this, but if you are going to take part in an eating contest, you don’t try to be as hungry as possible. You want your stomach to be as big as possible. So you eat a lot as training. Let’s think of tonight as Bragg Jam training. Go out to your favourite spots. You know you want to be front row center to catch the Rabbi and MagTard rocking Dylan’s Roling Stone, or see Al K!ng in that limelight, or tap your toe to bluegrass at the Shamrock. So go see those places tonight, find yourself a spot, and enjoy the night because if you don’t build that music muscle, Bragg Jam is gonna get the best of you!


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