Snacking on Bragg Jam

When Bragg Jam first started, it received little support. Hardly anyone even knew what it was. But Bragg Jam just kept at it and now, 10 years later, it is one of the biggest events this city has to offer.

Being from Macon, I’ve seen people get excited about the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Street Party (which I want to put in quotes because the only true thing about that title is that it is on a street), but musically, Bragg Jam has had more to offer Macon’s music lovers than the Street Party has for quite a while. Tone Loc notwithstanding.

So this Saturday, July 25, it’s time to put on your kicks because you will need them to keep up with all the things that are going on. First of all, you really need to start checking out who you want to see play and where they are. For the sake of alcohol, we’ve decided to stay downtown. Nobody wants to get a DUI and with the majority of downtown venues being right on Cherry Street (and Second, right around the corner), we thought this was our best option.

I would recommend going to to download and print out the .pdf of all the acts and times, but here is a list if you want to keep this page on your phone.

Downtown Venues

At the Cox Capital Theatre on Second Street you have Toolshed GingerVEX from 6-7, from 7:30 -8:30, T-Bird and the Breaks from 9-10:30 and Cracker (yes, that Cracker) from 11:00 until they damn well feel like leaving (and we know Macon can keep a place open past closing if we want to).

At the 567 Cafe on Cherry Street, right around the corner from the Cox you have Gaul Armstrong from 6-6:45, Jowin from 7-7:45, Trendlenberg from 8-8:45, Oh Dorian from 9-10, and Red Swill from 10:30 until they effin’ want to leave.

Right across the street from the 567 Cafe, you will have the Yuengling Stage at 580 on Cherry. There, you’ll start with Citizen Insane from 5-5:45, The Moaners from 6-7, City Council and the Paper Street Band from 7:15-8:15, Roly Bots from 8:45-9:45, Afromotive from 10:15 – 11:45, and Nomenclature from 12:00 until they’re done.

Walk on down a bit on Cherry and you will get to the Rookery and catch Friends of Brax from 5-7 (among them Moira Glennon and Rhett Thomas gifting us with song before Moira moves away from us – just to Atlanta, but still), Coyote Bones from 7:15-8:15, Corey Crowder from 8:30 – 9:30, Tron Jackson from 10-11:30, and MagTard from 12:00 until they tell you to get the eff out! That’s how they roll!

Of course, at the end of the block is the stage at the Hummingbird with Rabbi and Friends kicking it off from 5-5:30, Abby Owens from 5:45-6:15, Al K!ng (you worms) and Floco Torres from 6:30-7:15, Hank Vegas from 7:45-8:45, Loose Change Reunion featuring Chris Hicks from 9:15-10:45, Rusty Swinger Band from 11:15 – 12:15 and Money $hott from 12:45 until that sucker’s over with.

Away from Downtown Venues

While those are all the downtown venues, don’t forget there’s more just a little ways up the street. Although my rag-tag group won’t be humping it thataways, The Shamrock in Payne City (off of Vineville) has fantastic food and the great bands should definitely get a few of you out. Playing from 6-6:45 is Bonner Creek Bluegrass, Good Country People from 7:15-8, Mississippi John Doude from 8:30-9:30, Kevin Kinney from 10-11:30, and St. Francis from 12 until Dargan kicks yo ass out!

Up Riverside Drive (turn right at Forest Hill Road), you should find Rivalry’s stage. Order the wings, one of the many, many (and I mean many) beers they have and check out Stumbling Toads from 6-6:45, Rick Brantley from 7:15-8:15, Redfish Bluefish from 8:45-10, Deadstring Brothers from 10:30-12, and September Hase from 12:30 until they run out of beer (or it hits 2am).

Bragg Jam Surprise

Also, I bet you didn’t know this, but thanks to my girl Kim Brackett-Wold, Synergy in downtown Macon, while not officially part of Bragg Jam this year, has arranged it so that Bragg Jam participants can get in for free. You wanna thank her? Put a little something extra special in her tip jar when she makes your drink!

Downtown Cost $20 Tonight, But….

For those of you who just want to go downtown and chill out at a bar with a few buds and a couple of drinks, sorry, this is not the night to do it. Not on Cherry Street anyway. The sad news is that if you just want to hang out at the Hummingbird like you do every Saturday night, it’s gonna cost you $20. That’s the price you pay to have an event like this. I know, bummer, but at the same time, spend the $20, hear some bands you’ve probably never heard before and have some fun.

But if you absolutely refuse to do that,  you can turn the corner to MLK, Jr. Blvd and head to Envy, BJs. They will be more than happy to take your “ain’t ready to listen to live music” money. Win-Win!  Also, you can find your drinks and some damn good food at the restaurants that sit on Cherry and MLK, Jr. Blvd. Those restaurants that will be open? Lemongrass: A Thai Bistro, the Tic Toc Room, Luigi’s – all so yummy.

So what are you waiting for. Print out your .pdf, get out your highlighter like this big fat nerd, and see who’s musical heart you’re gonna break on Saturday. See you there!

For the most complete and up to date (it’s Macon, things change!) list of events, go to


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