Snacking on History in the Making

There’s too much talent in this city.

We remember Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers and we think about all of the famous musicians that called Macon their home or, for a time, made Macon their musical stomping ground. The sheer, heart stopping reality of the number of historic acts that have played at the Douglass Theatre or at the old Capital Theatre is amazing. We look back at that time and wonder, why aren’t we there again? Or are we there and you just haven’t recognized it?

First, if people would just go out and give themselves a couple of hours to listen, they would find that that same talent exists. Whether you’re kickin’ it at a Local 478 show or checking out the Hummingbird weekly for new bands, you can not deny what I’m saying is true.

A few weeks ago, while I was at Rivalrys watching Magnificent Bastard and Floco Torres, my husband stuck it out at The Hummingbird for Roly-Bots. A band from Atlanta had traveled down to open for them and he said you could tell from their between song patter that they were disappointed by the lack of crowd reaction and interaction. My husband was clear. He was there for Roly-Bots. The Atlanta band would have to wow them for the crowd to do anything but twiddle their thumbs until Jared, Justin, and Jason were on stage. After the Atlanta band was done, my husband was talking with a couple of people and mentioned that the Atlanta band wasn’t really all that good, unfortunately right in earshot of the lead singer of said band. He felt bad for a millisecond, but, being a fan of truth, didn’t dwell on it.

It wasn’t until Roly-Bots were playing in full force that he happened to glance the member of the Atlanta band, who had stayed around to hear the group all these people were suddenly alive for. He said the looks on their faces said, “No wonder they didn’t respond to us…” Yes, Atlanta band, Roly-Bots frakkin’ rock!

It’s not just the Roly-Bots. While they have the most polished and unique sound (and are the favourite band of everyone from Magnificent Bastard to Al K!ng – that’s from rock(ish) to hip hop, if you don’t know the names) of the local groups – and they also have the most unifying sound for the very diverse group of downtown dwellers and visitors, there are other great bands in the area.

From singer/songwriters [Oh Dorian, Aaron Irons, Trendlenberg to name a few] to DJs to rock bands [Magnificent Bastard, Citizen Insane] to hip hop [Doski Wo, Al K!ng, Floco Torres and others] to weird hybrid mixes [City Council mixes hip-hop/rap/rock/metal very well] to the just plain weird, i.e., experimental [Robot Folk Junkies] that play from Tuesday – Saturday (and sometimes on Monday, if the Hummingbird is up for it) at places ranging from Golden Bough Bookstore, the 567, the Hummingbird, Rivalrys and Envy (once again to name a *few*) there is no shortage of live music you can have if you like music.

It’s a plea, of sorts, to start taking a chance on your city. It’s a plea for you to participate now, when you can see any number of these band for 5 bucks for ALL, not apiece. I’ll bet the people who didn’t see Otis when he was free wish they had been their from the beginning. There are a few of the bands mentioned here that I can see making it, if they don’t give up. If they get the support they need. If we *buy* their albums and tshirts and stickers. And if they make it, I will be like a proud mother hen because I gave them all the support I could give and then I talked them up whenever I could. Even if you can’t buy a damn thing, at least come hear them and then talk about them to your friends.

We’re on the verge of history in the making. I would hate for you to miss it.


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