Cult Movie Nights at Envy

When I heard that Envy was showing Cult Movies on Tuesday nights, I was all for it, but when I wrote about it, I got a comment that said it sounded like a terrible idea. I know, it could have been someone who wanted to just be negative, or maybe it was someone who seriously thought it was a bad idea.

I realize that if I hadn’t seen most of these movies, I wouldn’t want to watch it for the first time with people saying the lines, raucous outbursts of laughter and people talking over the movie the entire time, but the set up is this: Roger picks a movie, some cult classic that most of us have seen before. Most of these movies are the movies you’ve watched a million times on TBS. He also puts together a drink special based on different quotes from the movie, which always ends up being good and inexpensive.

Just got back from watching I’m Gonna Git You, Sucka! and I have to say that I have to keep Tuesday night movies on my list of nights I go out and do something. You should join me for crazy cult movies, drinks and laughter.


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