Enlighten Me, Downtown Macon!

Macon is an interesting town.

There are those who don’t think so, of course. This past First Friday, downtown Macon had an Easter Egg hunt, but the eggs were not your typical boiled eggs brightly coloured. These eggs contained prizes and gift certificates from businesses in the area. What a way to combine the upcoming holiday, First Friday and a marketing campaign for the downtown area. Yet when I read the article about it on macon.com, and the subsequent comments, one commenter made a remark about bringing their gun.

I wanted to say take the cannoli, leave the gun. But I stopped myself.

Downtown is not dangerous, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about how great First Friday is. One day a month, restaurants stay open later than 6, drink specials, special events, more live music – it’s a smorgasborg of culture encapsulated within Downtown.

Questions for Craig Hamilton

Questions for Craig Hamilton

The place I stopped this First Friday was the Contemporary Arts Exchange. Wait, I know I always go there. Usually, I hang with the Brothers O’Dell and stare at THE painting. If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, maybe you have your own. Anyway, this visit to the CAE was not to socialize, but to hear Craig Hamilton, comic book artist and all around good guy, speak to a Mercer University class about the philosophy of creativity. Interesting questions were raised, delved into, and though not always answered satisfactorily, at least became part of the collective consciousness of the artists and students in the room.

The crowd was small and attentive. Along with members of the Mercer class, taught by Dr. Creighton Rosental, were writers and artists who also wanted to know a little bit about the philosophical ramifications of their work. Most of us had not thought about it, the why of what we do. Even if we are artists of technique, there is still a bit of philosophy as we embrace the tactile work we do. Many of us would be lucky to be like Craig, being paid solely for the work we love to do. But until that is the case, we ponder how we get to that point and then work hard, as he proved that he did through his talk, to make our dreams the reality.

Now where else can you go to get enlightenment like that? I love downtown Macon.

After our foray into philosophy and arts, we went to Market City Cafe for a very delicious Cobb Salad and an only partially satisfactory Bobie. I’d never had that sandwich before, which is turkey, stuffing, and a cranberry compote on bread (I wish I had the actual description, which does the sandwich justice). I was expecting a warm sandwich, or at least for the turkey and stuffing to be nice and warm with the cold cranberry on top, but the entire sandwich was cold and that was very disappointing. The sandwich was tasty, but I couldn’t help but think that it would have been better if something was warm.

All in all, a good night was had by all who ventured out onto the streets. Even if they went without their guns.


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