Snacking on the Week Beginning February 1

What a game Sunday, hmmm?!? We were all screaming at the top of our lungs for like the last 10 minutes of the game. How did your Super Bowl Sunday go? Did you get the 3-D glasses for the commercials? Did you watch Chuck in 3-D on Monday? Ah, well, that’s for another blog.

First of all, if you were at the 11th Hour’s Readers Choice Awards last Thursday, you were definitely a part of a magical night. Those of you who went to one of the after parties obviously had a good time. I hear the stories. Hell, I’m telling some of them.

This week will be a busy one for me. First up, it’s Tuesday night’s wine tasting at Wine Styles. If you’re a Wine Club member, tonight’s wine tasting is free and you get to pick up your two monthly wines.

Tuesday is also cult movie night at Envy and this week, we’ll be watching The Neverending Story. Keeping with the themed drink tradition started last week, I’ll be paying $3 for Nothing and I’ll like it.

Since I didn’t get to do it before, I’ll be checking out Envy’s Wednesday night dance party. I hear they have guest djs, guest bartenders, and a lot of fun.

Moving to Friday, First Friday, I’ll be at the Contemporary Arts Exchange for most of the night, although I will fill my belly at Market City and maybe catch a little BSG there while I’m at it. I can taste the thin crust pizza, chocolate cake and sci-fi right now.

Modern Skirts is going to be at the Cox Capitol Theatre and I heard a rumour that Oh Dorian was going to be opening for them. I certainly hope it’s true. I like Modern Skirts okay, but I really, really enjoy Oh Dorian.

I’m not sure what the weekend holds, but last weekend was a nice, soothing Saturday with my in-laws and, with The Honey getting Saturdays off, we finally managed to make it to High Street Church on Sunday. We may also head up to Atlanta, which will make one of my best friends happy.

What does this week hold for the rest of you? If you know where I should be hanging this week, leave it in the comments!


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