Snacking on Cult Movies

Cult movies at Envy? Yes, please.

I know Roger Riddle didn’t win best bartender at Sunday’s Foodie! Awards, and I do like Paula’s drink-making, but I became a believer when I had my first Roger Riddle dirty martini. Add to that the deliciously cheesy movie, the Goonies, where pirate treasures abound and kids save the day, and you have a perfect recipe for a Tuesday night.

So I thought I would have to choose between the wine tasting at Wine Styles or the new Cult Movie Night at Envy, but it turns out, the movie doesn’t start until 9pm. That doesn’t mean you can’t get their early. It just means getting there late makes you miss the Goonies.

So if your Tuesday night is in kind of a rut and the thought of watching another episode of American Idol makes you want to shoot yourself in the face, come out to Envy tonight and every Tuesday night for a different cult movie. I have it on good authority there will be some pretty good movies that hold a lot of memories for a lot of us (Star Wars trilogy, Golden Child, Dolemite, The Princess Bride, Blazing Saddles, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, etc.) and if you want to scream out the lines and enjoy a cocktail with your flick, then this is definitely where you want to be.

Envy is downtown on MLK next to TicToc.


2 responses to “Snacking on Cult Movies”

  1. Anonymous says :

    That sounds just awful.

  2. angelcollins says :

    What would sound better anonymous?

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