Snacking on Freshness and First Friday

There is a new market, a Fresh Market, on Forsyth… or is it still Vineville. I know the split is at Napier, but it’s right on the cusp. For now, we’ll say in the Steinmart shopping center, even though that is also not the official name…

I am in love with the Fresh Market. It’s everything I ever wanted in a market, and more. I haven’t been to a Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s since I lived in California and I’m pretty impressed with the one we have here. The cheese corner alone was enough to put me in rapture. I went for the sushi but after having a quick glance around I realized that I needed to spend a leisurely Sunday in there just walking around and admiring it. Or stalking it, however you want to look at it. Fresh Market, you send me!


First Fridays always give me a little thrill. I enjoy getting out and seeing places that I love open past 6. On First Friday, there are other options, not just the bars and it’s good to see people I enjoy being around in this great, relaxed setting.

I know it can be tiring when people say we don’t support the activities in Macon, but sometimes, the activities in Macon don’t support us. First Friday is an event that supports the people and allows for the people to support them. It doesn’t take much to participate – restaurants either lose a dollar or two on drink orders or they stay open and gain a bit more income. Artists get a different viewing crowd and if they come away with one new fan, that’s a plus. First Friday is everything an activity in Macon should be for its citizens. It’s safe, it’s active and it’s full of choices. You can hear great bands, you can eat great food and you can see something interesting, even if it’s just someone walking down the street.

I know where I’m going to be tonight. Where will you be?


One response to “Snacking on Freshness and First Friday”

  1. Michael Collins says :

    I hope to join you on this trip to the market.

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