What Am I Eating Now.

Oatmeal – But that’s not the real answer to the question. 

I’ve been moving. I now live on Magnolia Street, one of the three places in downtown Macon that I’ve wanted to live. The other two are High Street and Cherry Street. I know High street is technically considered “In Town”, but still. 

I hate moving.

I’ve been playing kickball and I haven’t killed myself yet. I’m hoping that at the next game we will bring food and wine. Because an elementary school game like kickball deserves a glass of wine with it.

Going to see Red Swill Saturday night. Last Saturday night, danced the night away at the Dirty Iguana. I hated the DJ (DJ Rix) I think I will go on another night to avoid being bored by his tired ass songs. Get creative dude! (I fully admit the preceding diatribe is sponsored by bitterness because DJ Rix wouldn’t play Closer while I was still in the building). But other than the watered down drinks, my friends and I actually had a great time at “the Dirty”. The courtyard outside is actually pretty swank and a great place to just relax and hang out. Maybe if we stop by the Tic Toc for martinis, the night will go better. 

Ah well, tomorrow night should be BAB at the ‘Bird – it’s been a while, but I should find myself right at home.


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