Where Have I Been?

Okay, it’s kinda hard to snack on Macon when you don’t do anything. Let’s see, I went to Theatre Macon’s The Full Monty. That was… interesting. Especially the ending. I missed May’s First Friday because my brother in law and his girlfriend took me and my husband to a Braves game. Last Thursday, we went to see Radiohead at HiFi Buys Amphitheatre. We were in the lawn, which is kind of like listening to them on the radio with a whole bunch of people. But it was a lot of fun and I actually knew most of the songs. 

I noticed that 550 Blues was open again. It’s about time I go check them out. 

I’ve been neglecting my Hummingbird Thursday night crew. I missed two episodes of Lost with them and when I finally went to watch it online, I had to IM one friend to show how ridiculous everything is getting on Lost. And by ridiculous, I mean awesomely mysterious. 

We lost power with the tornados. One of our friends lost his roof and almost his life while he was huddled in the bathtub, the rain from the storm pouring down. The storm touched down an eighth of a mile from his home. He was very fortunate. Another friend’s family just got their power back today. Many are still without power and water. Yet we were all fortunate because we are here today. Very fortunate.

Well, Macon, I may not be snacking tonight, but you will see me soon, taking my bites, even if it is just from a walk down the street.


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