Making The Fur Fly

I think this weekend, of any weekend, has been the most eventful. It started out tastefully enough with the Corks and Forks event at Mt. de Sales. If you didn’t go, you should have been there. Tasty sandwiches from Fountain of Juice – they had a little cheesy sandwich with a piece of bacon on it that was fantastic and a roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce that caused me to groan out loud after the first bite. I will definitely be giving them a visit. There wasn’t anything that wasn’t good. From the green bread sandwiches at the Red Tomato table to the perfectly seared tuna with seaweed salad and calamari from that Inn in Forsyth, everything was delicious. Xocolatl showed versatility by bringing nothing chocolate to the table, but the mangoes foster with vanilla ice cream and that delectable jalapeno toffee made me want to make a grab for a couple of plates and take off running. I overindulged on strawberries stuffed with lime flavoured cream from Polly’s Hospitality Institute’s Chef Vendeville and his assistant chef Leslie Hurdle, who is doing her PHI externship with her teacher. Also, based on future events I didn’t know were going to take place, I’m eternally grateful for the several cups of JCup coffee that I did partake of. I didn’t mention everyone that was good, but all the food was more than excellent at this event.

Okay, so we left before the bidding because we are poor artists and headed to the Hummingbird for a few beers, some music, etc. We got there so early they didn’t even ask us for the cover. We were two of about 10 people in the bar (including one of the bands playing that night – and their following) and it was very nice to sit, talk, and not be fumigated out of the place. Around 11 or so, the music got started. Make the Fur Fly, a band out of Atlanta/Athens, played a completely awesome set. A friend of mine was there to see them and I’m glad she asked me to stand with her because this group made me want to jump around. Very high energy, very good groove, if they put out an album, I’d be interested. I definitely want to see a couple more live shows. 

This is where the night starts to get interesting. My husband and I were standing, listening to Magnificent Bastard when he decided to get his last glass of beer for the night. One of the groupies from Make the Fur Fly decided to pull his pants down over his butt and dance suggestively with a couple of the members of MtFF. They finally get him to pull his pants up. My husband comes back and I relay the story. Then, the guy decides, he’s not just going to show his ass, he’s gonna take off both his pants and his boxers. He drops his pants but before he could get his boxers off someone kicks him in the ass (and by someone, I mean my husband, who doesn’t want to see this guy’s naked behind). The guy pulls his pants up. The lead singer of MtFF, laughing, gives my husband full permission to kick this guy again, which he doesn’t take because his mission is accomplished. This guy is putting his clothes back on. So the singer nudges me as if to say, see what happens and spits a stream of beer at the guy.

This is where it all goes wonkers.

The guy looks around wondering who did that, spots the singer, takes his belt in hand and goes after him with it. The unfortunate thing for pants boy is that he also hits me.

Which is a no-no for my husband. 

Before I could even cry out in pain from being hit, my husband has dashed beer in this guy’s eyes. I’ve never seen my husband mad. He’s pretty laid back, would rather debate his way out of a fight than hit someone, but he was ready to do battle. The entire group was in shock, moving to block their friend from fighting my husband as I explain to the singer why what happened just happened. Pants guy was too far gone to understand anything more than some stranger, who had also kicked him earlier, just threw beer straight in his face. He wanted to fight. But the band, understanding that a husband is gonna stand up for his wife, kept him back until his beer memory kicked in and he forgot all about it. 

Magnificent Bastard was better than I thought. Much better. I was underwhelmed at the 11th Hour Readers Choice Awards, and I almost left before their show started Saturday. I didn’t think they would be a good follow-up to what I’d just heard from Make the Fur Fly, but they more than delivered. I don’t think the music they put up on their myspace page gives them enough credit and if I were choosing which show to go to based solely on that (which you have to in the Macon music culture), I would not have gone to see them. In fact, my friend left before their show started for that very reason, but Magnificent Bastard rocked it. I don’t know any titles and such like, but I was definitely dancing by the 3rd song. By the end of their set, I wanted to buy a limited edition t-shirt, but after paying for a few beers, it wasn’t happening that night.

All in all, a great time was had by some. Not pants guy, who we saw outside as we were leaving. The MtFF bassist was trying to pull him up off of the ground and get him back inside. Fur certainly did fly last night and despite the close fight call, the music made it all worth it.


4 responses to “Making The Fur Fly”

  1. speakeasyx says :

    hooray for good husbands! nice to hear about a man standing up for his wife. excellent.

    give mike a handshake and tell him it’s from me.

  2. Gene (Make the Fur Fly) says :

    I do apologize for this “groupie’s” actions. I wanted to kick his ass almost as much your husband did. We can’t wait to come back to the Bird, without the douchebag.
    It was nice to meet you and Mike. Oh yeah, how many times can I say “shit” in one sentence?

  3. angelcollins says :

    Yeah, just keeping a fight from happening is apology enough. If you guys come back (sans douchebag), we will definitely be there. And if you keep performing like you do, you can say “shit” as much as you want and Mike won’t even bring it up this time!

  4. hillbilly says :

    Hillbilly says : I absolutely agree with this !

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