I’m Back!

Actually, I’ve been back for nearly a week. I was in Europe, trotting the globe, having adventures, walking many, many, many, many miles in Barcelona, Rome, Ariccia, and Paris. Read about it here.

Of course, I got sick coming back home. It snowed in London, which I thought was a common thing, but what I learned is that it usually just gets cold and rainy – so I witnessed a phenomenon similar to Macon getting snow. And although it was beautiful, I was far more worried about being delayed and living in Gatwick than how pretty the snow was.

I loved traveling, but I found that I missed Macon. In fact, being away made me appreciate having this place to come home to, something completely surprising and unexpected. I missed my normal hang out days and people, I missed being at Joshua Cup at night with Matt and Mike and the assorted cast of characters that show up regularly. I missed walking around downtown, although I appreciate it more since I basically walked the entire city of Barcelona.

Yes, I missed you Macon and I’m back and getting better just in time for Cherry Blossom. Maybe Wednesday I’ll get some ice cream. I’m definitely going to the Mulberry Street Arts and Craft dealio. Of course, I can not skip First Friday (last month, I had this delicioso chocolate raspberry cake at Market City with a glass of wine to go with it, talked with a guy at the Contemporary Arts Exchange who had been to Barcelona – he got me really excited about Gaudi, and I had these really, really awesome petit fors from Xocolatl) because you never know what is going to happen when First Friday and Cherry Blossom collide.


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