First Friday

I love First Friday. It has brought life to downtown Macon, one that those of us who always loved it and wished for it never thought could happen. Once upon a time, we were all huddled in our little hidey-holes, being creative, wishing more people would come downtown and see what it is we do down here and with First Friday, it’s happening. What is interesting is that you’re not always running into the same people. Whether you’re at the park at Cherry and Third or watching the park from Market City you still have plenty of opportunity to meet new people. Live music (when the venues are open), drink specials, and good friends walking around beautiful and historic downtown macon – can you really think of something better to do?

This past Friday, Meadows Fine Jewelry had its grand opening which was not only beautiful, but also delicious. I was supposed to go back Monday, so I’ll have to make a stop sometime this week to rectify the situation. There is a citrine bracelet and a frog ring that is calling my name.

I usually end my First Friday at the Contemporary Arts Exchange on Mulberry, in Eric O’Dell’s studio. It is an open and inviting circle that accepts anyone who wants to parlay, all of the weirdos who have felt neglected in their life, all of the college students who fear no one takes them seriously, all of the older people who have held downtown on their shoulders hoping it’s renaissance is happening now, any race or creed or genre. We stand around talking about movies and television, about books and music, we talk about past and present, about high school and life, about Oprah and wrestling. If your conversation is not going on, you start it. If your song is not playing on the iPod, bring your CDs. If you are lacking a painting or a drink, get one from us. The world is our oyster on First Friday and if you’re up for it, stay for First Saturday as well.

It’s been delightful meeting others, learning from them, laughing with them and supporting them in words and with money. So remember, if you see it, your probably can buy it and if you like it, you probably should.


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