Real Good Chicken Salad

I am a fan of chicken salad. My mom used to make it out of a whole hen that was cooked in juices and seasoning until it fell off the bone. She would cut it by hand and mix it by hand, adding mayo, eggs, salt, pepper and sweet relish. It was simple and it was good.

I didn’t know that you could do things like add grapes or nuts to it, but as I sampled all the chicken salad around, I learned some things. A lot of people don’t like to season their chicken salad, which can come as an unpleasant surprise. I remember biting into a sandwich I’d piled with chicken salad and having to spit it out. A little salt and pepper helped bring out the natural taste of the almond ground in it and it was a very tasty chicken salad after a little bit of doctoring, the most unique chicken salad I’ve tasted.

The most decadent chicken salad I’ve ever tasted was at an “open house” for a gallery in Warner Robins. The chicken salad was prepared like a cheesecake with cream cheese surrounding the chicken salad all around. I found myself going to the buffet table, cutting out bigger and bigger slices, trying to stop myself and allow other people to find this tasty treat, but there I would be again, standing at the table, urging others to try a bite so that I could grab another piece for myself.

White Lightning’s sweet chicken salad is very good. It’s almost like pulled chicken that gets tossed into chicken salad fixings and comes out moist and delicious.

But the other night at the Foodies!, I had chicken salad in a phyllo shell and almost passed out, it was so good. Getting back into the circles moving around the food tables was like trying to jump into a double dutch rope while walking your dog. It wasn’t happening. I was so glad I’d been greedy and grabbed two. It was so good, I talked with my mouth full, extolling the deliciosity of the chicken salad. Gross, I know, but completely necessary.

I found out today that the fantastic chicken salad in phyllo shells that I ate at the Foodies! came from Good To Go. It has to be the best chicken salad in Macon. No offense to White Lightning. Your chicken salad is very good too. And Chef Audrey’s chicken salad made me drive to Warner Robins for more. Too bad she was closed for renovations/moving when I did that. I’ll have to try again soon.

Apparently, there is a Macon curse for anyone who claims to have the best chicken salad in Macon. If you try to advertise it, something goes wrong. So I will say Good To Go has REALLY good chicken salad, while White Lighting, apparently, has the best children salad in Macon.


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