Snacking on Foodies!

For its second year, the Macon Food and Culture FOODIE Awards (The Foodies) pulled out the stops. I walked in large, concentric circles around tables of food, picking up things, eating them, and finding them very good. Then I ate chocolate covered untoasted marshmallows on sticks and they were delicious. I then got so nervous, when all the festivities began, I thought I would rather be back in concentric circles being herded around tables eating the very good chicken salad in phyllo shells. I didn’t have time to check and see who made those, but whoever you are, I will be seeing you soon, I hope.

The chefs in training from Polly’s Hospitality Institute received their green scarves in front of a live audience. I was so proud of them, especially since I’ve watched them grow through their words. Watching the look in their eyes change from month to month, from started out in the kitchen feeling overwhelmed by the size of it all to expertly chopping, baking, mixing and being ready to do said chopping, baking, and mixing for the beautiful, local restaurants in the area. It was a great moment to see all of this, their hopes and dreams, coming into fruition.

I was paired with John Jones to do the Top Ten List. The list this year? Top Ten Reasons Why Coffee is Better than a Man or a Woman. John was concerned we’d be a little edgy, but another Jones, Channel 13’s Ben Jones, totally made our jokes feel like they were written by the same people that came up with Knock Knock Jokes. I mean to say, we were very tame in comparison.

I gave a Tribute to Phillip Rossini for the magazine. When I learned that he died, it was right before I had to go out of town for business. By the time I got back, the city was done mourning him. I mean, I know that they weren’t. Anyone who knew him was not done, but I didn’t have an outlet to express how much I missed him. I wrote something for my coffee column, but Gary thought it would be better to just stick to coffee. I think that’s why he asked me to do the Tribute, maybe because he understood that I needed to do that for myself to honor Phillip. It was probably the hardest speaking thing I’ve ever done. My husband told me later that people were asking for me to come back to the stage, but by then, I’d already run off. After it was all over, after I was off the stage, I could finally breathe. It didn’t make the sadness go away, but it made it lighter and for that, I’m glad.

I would like to say that I went to the Tica-Toca Room afterwards and danced the night away to the sounds of Mark Booker and the NeoCats (Mark Booker is always good), but I was fighting sickness with a couple of alka-seltzer and a few advil cold and sinus caplets and I was losing. I hope the ending was as good as the beginning and I can’t wait to see what this upcoming year brings.


One response to “Snacking on Foodies!”

  1. Carla says :

    Hi Angel,

    I did not get to see all of the FOODIE! Awards Show…but I did see your presentation with John Jones which was very funny and your tribute to Phillip which was very moving. The fact that it was a heartfelt delivery made it even more touching. Gary and I knew that we could not do it…our tears come too easily…so we are so proud of you! The audience gave their standing tribute to Phillip after your words. I think there are a lot of people in the city that miss him as we do. Phillip was a special man…full of joy for family, food, wine, downtown Macon and us…his lucky friends.

    Thank you for the tribute…I know it was hard…but you did a great job. We are proud and grateful to have you as part of our Food & Culture family.

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