Bert’s Bistro

I know I’m a bit late on this, but cut me some slack. I just started this blog.

Bert’s Bistro was always my favourite restaurant to go to. I would save my tips and a good book and chill out in a booth for a couple of hours eating delicious foods, maybe have a glass of wine during a good tip week, and enjoying a slice of tiramisu cheesecake. Before I got married, I would regale my husband with tales of different meals at Bert’s, like the time they fried a piece of salmon with a honey mustard crust. It was delicious, the most interesting way I’ve ever had salmon.

My husband finally agreed to treat me to Bert’s right after we got married. I think he thought that the actuality could not live up to my memories and stories. The night we went was right after Bert’s received it’s liquor license after it’d been without for some time. Alan was letting everyone know that the fountains were flowing with wine by offering complimentary wine tastings to all interested customers. That night I learned about rieslings, which began my current love affair with the wine and my husband learned that there are places that care about food, wine, and people enjoying them together. He now has his own stories to mingle with mine.

My love of downtown and downtown eating started with Bert’s. If I took my friends anywhere, it was to Bert’s. The first time my mother in law and I ate together, it was at Bert’s for lunch. For me, Bert’s was my downtown institution and Alan really loved the community. Everytime I asked him for food donations, even though he couldn’t do much, Bert’s always rocked completely excellent salads or trays of hors d’oeuvres. For the most part, I could always count on Alan and Bert’s (as well as Philip Rossini and Adriana’s) to help out a downtown cause. Especially because of Berts, but also a few other places, downtown was home long before it became the place I lived. I am sad when I walk by Bert’s and know I won’t enjoy another Bert’s Bistro Salad or glass of wine there. I look forward to what’s next, but I can’t help but miss what was.


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