Full of It… Art, That Is

Two weeks ago, I went to see the opening of The Art of Macon Comics at the Museum of Arts and Sciences where some old friends were under the spotlight for their work in comic books, whether it was for some other writer or as the writer themselves. I am by no means a part of their journey, but I remember them slaving away at the Jolly Rogers Studio, comic memorabilia filling the walls, half finished work laying in wait on drafting tables, low lights and everything done with a meticulousness that most people don’t get to see. It was extremely fascinating.

Compared to them, I felt like a slouch as a writer. Sometimes getting more than a line on paper takes much work. I’m not even sure how much work these guys do that doesn’t get used, but it has to be a lot. Yet they kept at it. Back in the day, I always expected them to explode at those of us who didn’t really belong, asking our questions, handling their “toys”, looking over their shoulders, but they handled us with a patience that, as I hear it now, was not recognizable in them. But they did. And as I peered at wall after wall of how known they really were in their world of comics, I couldn’t help but be proud of them, answering questions, signing autographs, smiling as if they didn’t have three projects at home awaiting their attention, laughing as if they enjoyed being front and center, although they longed for their four walls and their little drafting table.

I was amazed at the talent before me, even though I did know it existed. It’s important to revel in the talent around us and revel I did. Don’t miss this opportunity to see yet another aspect of the uniqueness this town has to offer.


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